1 parcel.
paquete bomba parcel bomb
paquete postal parcel
2 pack, packet.
paquete de tabaco cigarette packet
3 bag (maleta, bulto).
4 package (conjunto).
paquete de acciones share holding
paquete de medidas package of measures
paquete turístico package holiday
5 package (computing).
6 passenger.
ir de paquete to ride pillion
7 packet, bulge (informal) (genitales masculinos). (peninsular Spanish)
8 headache, problem, hot seat, difficulty.
* * *
nombre masculino
1 (cajita) packet, pack; (bulto) package; (postal) parcel
un paquete de cigarrillos a packet of cigarettes
2 (conjunto) set, packet
un paquete de medidas a package, a package of measures
3 familiar (inútil) useless person, wally
4 familiar (genitales masculinos) bulge, packet
ir de paquete to ride pillion
marcar paquete familiar to have a bulge in one's trousers
meter un paquete a alguien argot to come down on somebody like a ton of bricks
paquete postal parcel
* * *
noun m.
1) package
2) packet
3) parcel
* * *
1. SM
1) [de correos] [grande] parcel; [pequeño] package

me mandaron un paquete por correo — I got a parcel in the post

paquete bomba — parcel bomb

paquetes postales — [como servicio] parcel post sing

2) [de cigarrillos, galletas] packet, pack (EEUU); [de harina, azúcar] bag
3) (Econ, Inform) (=conjunto) package

paquete accionarial, paquete de acciones — parcel of shares

paquete de aplicaciones — software package

paquete de beneficios — benefits package

paquete de medidas — package of measures

paquete estadístico — statistical package

paquete integrado — integrated package

4) * (=persona torpe)

ser un paquete — to be useless, be a dead loss *

es un auténtico paquete para las matemáticas — he's completely useless at maths

5) * (=castigo)

el sargento le metió un paquete por abandonar su puesto — the sergeant threw the book at him for leaving his post

nos van a pegar un paquete si nos saltamos las clases — we'll get a rocket if we skip classes *

6) * (=bebé)

dejar a una con el paquete — to put a woman in the family way

soltar el paquete — to give birth

7) ** (=genitales masculinos) bulge, lunchbox **
8) * (=pañal) [limpio] nappy; [sucio] dirty nappy

aún lleva paquete por las noches — she still wears a nappy at night

9) (Náut) packet (boat)
10) * (=majo) dandy

estar hecho un paquete — to be all dressed up, be dressed in style

11) (Med) ** dose (of VD) **
12) LAm (=cosa pesada) nuisance, bore

¡menudo paquete!, ¡vaya paquete! — what a bore!

14) Méx (=asunto) tough job, hard one
15) Cono Sur ** queer **, poof **, fag (EEUU) **
16) LAm (=vacaciones) package holiday
ADJ INV And, Arg * elegant, chic
* * *
-ta adjetivo (RPl fam) smart, chic

qué paqueta te has puesto! — you're looking very smart o chic

a) (bulto envuelto) package, parcel

hacer un paquete — to wrap up a parcel

ir de paquete — (fam) to ride on the back (of a motorcycle)

b) (de galletas, cigarrillos) pack (AmE), packet (BrE)

un paquete de papas fritas — (AmL) a bag of chips (AmE), a packet of crisps (BrE)

meterle un paquete a alguien — (Esp fam) to throw the book at somebody

2) (conjunto) package

un paquete de software/de aplicación — (Inf) a software/an application package

3) (fam) (genitales masculinos) bulge (colloq & euph)
4) (Méx fam) (problema) headache (colloq)

cargar con el paquete — (fam) to take responsibility

* * *
-ta adjetivo (RPl fam) smart, chic

qué paqueta te has puesto! — you're looking very smart o chic

a) (bulto envuelto) package, parcel

hacer un paquete — to wrap up a parcel

ir de paquete — (fam) to ride on the back (of a motorcycle)

b) (de galletas, cigarrillos) pack (AmE), packet (BrE)

un paquete de papas fritas — (AmL) a bag of chips (AmE), a packet of crisps (BrE)

meterle un paquete a alguien — (Esp fam) to throw the book at somebody

2) (conjunto) package

un paquete de software/de aplicación — (Inf) a software/an application package

3) (fam) (genitales masculinos) bulge (colloq & euph)
4) (Méx fam) (problema) headache (colloq)

cargar con el paquete — (fam) to take responsibility

* * *
1 = pack, package, packet, parcel, deck, bundle, tranche.

Ex: The notched cards, representing relevant documents, will drop off the needle and fall from the bulk of the pack.

Ex: A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets -- and it works!.
Ex: In packet switching the message is split up in order to be sent through the network in short fixed length packets.
Ex: You do not want to try and clear the building, thinking it is a fire when it is just somebody trying to deliver a parcel of books to the back door.
Ex: As the user traverses links, new pages appear on top of the current deck.
Ex: Many of them use a technique called packet-switching in which data are sent from transmitter to receiver in small bundles or packets.
Ex: The first tranche of NATO enlargement -- adding Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic next year -- will help stabilize an historically unstable region.
* conmutación en paquetes = packet switching.
* empresa de reparto de paquetes = package delivery company.
* franquear un paquete = frank + parcel.
* insertar aguja en un paquete de fichas = needling the pack.
* paquete ALEPH = ALEPH software.
* paquete de azúcar = sugar packet.
* paquete de chicles = packet of chewing gum.
* paquete de clasificación = sort package.
* paquete de comunicaciones = communications package.
* paquete de discos = disc pack.
* paquete de edición de texto = editing package.
* paquete de entrada y comprobación de datos = data entry and validation package.
* paquete de información = pack, information kit.
* paquete de inscripción = registration package.
* paquete de material didáctico = training package.
* paquete de objetos e información sobre un tema concreto = topic kit.
* paquete de programas = package.
* paquete de programas de ordenador = software package.
* paquete de revistas = journal package.
* paquete de seis = six-pack.
* paquete de trabajo = workpackage.
* paquete de vacaciones = package holiday, vacation package.
* paquete hotelero = hotel package.
* paquete informativo = topic pack, pack, information kit.
* paquete integrado de programas = software suite.
* paquete ofimático = software suite, software suite.
* paquete postal = parcel post.
* paquetes de programas = programme packages.
* paquetes editoriales = publishers' packages.
* paquete turístico = tour package.
* Sistema de Comunicación por Paquetes (PSS) = Packet-Switching System (PSS).
* un paquete de = a suite of.
* un paquete integrado de programas = a suite of + programmes.
* un paquete ofimático integrado = a suite of office automation software.

2 = pillion.

Ex: We will organize a special tour for a group if there is a minimum of four riders (i.e. four motorcycles, or a group of six -- three riders and pillions).

* ir de paquete = pillion riding, ride + pillion .

* * *
paquete1 -ta
(RPl fam) smart, chic
¡qué paqueta te has puesto! you're looking very smart o chic
tienen la casa muy paqueta their house is done out o up really nicely (colloq)
para la fiesta quiero algo más paquete I want something a bit dressier o a bit smarter for the party (colloq)
1 (bulto — grande) parcel, package; (— más pequeño) packet
no soy muy bueno haciendo paquetes I'm not very good at wrapping up parcels
ir de paquete (fam); to ride on the back (of a motorcycle), to ride pillion (BrE)
meterle un paquete a algn (fam); to tear sb off a strip (colloq), to tear into sb (AmE colloq)
2 (de galletas, cigarrillos) pack (AmE), packet (BrE)
dejar a algn con el paquete (fam); to get sb pregnant, to get sb in the club o in the family way (colloq)
meterle un paquete a algn to throw the book at sb
paquete bomba
parcel bomb
paquete chileno
(Col) fake wad of money with real notes at either end
paquete postal
parcel (sent by mail)
envíalo como paquete postal send it (by) parcel post
B (conjunto) package
un paquete de programas a software package
un paquete de información a workpack
un paquete oferta a value pack
C (fam) (genitales masculinos) bulge (colloq euph), packet (colloq euph), basket (AmE sl)
(AmL fam) (persona inepta): el nuevo lanzador es un paquete the new pitcher is useless
E (Esp fam) (pañal) dirty diaper (AmE), dirty nappy (BrE)
F (Méx fam) (problema) headache (colloq)
cargar con el paquete (fam); to take responsibility o the blame
darse (su) paquete (fam); to act all high and mighty (colloq)
* * *


paquete 1
-ta adjetivo (RPl fam) smart, chic

paquete 2 sustantivo masculino
a) (bulto envuelto) package, parcel;

hacer un paquete to wrap up a parcel;

paquete bomba parcel bomb;
paquete postal parcel (sent by mail)
b) (de galletas, cigarrillos) pack (AmE), packet (BrE);

un paquete de papas fritas (AmL) a bag of chips (AmE), a packet of crisps (BrE)

2 (conjunto) package;
(Inf) package
3 (Méx fam) (problema) headache (colloq)
paquete sustantivo masculino
1 package, parcel
(de café, cereales, folios, etc) packet, US pack
2 (conjunto, grupo) set, package
paquete de medidas, package of measures
3 Inform software package
4 (de bicicleta, moto) pillion passenger: Juan iba de paquete, John was riding pillion
5 fam (castigo, sanción) punishment: si se enteran, me meterán un paquete, if they find out, I'll be severely punished
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* * *
paquete1, -a adj
RP Fam smart, elegant;
es una mujer muy paqueta she's a very smart dresser;
hoy estás muy paquete you're looking very elegant today;
tiene un apartamento muy paquete he's got a very chic apartment
paquete2 nm
1. [de libros, regalos] package, parcel
paquete de bienvenida [en congreso, hotel] welcome pack;
paquete bomba Br parcel o US mail bomb;
Col, Ven Fam paquete chileno [timo] = deception involving the use of a fake wad of bank notes; [estafa] swindle;
paquete postal parcel, package
2. [de cigarrillos, folios] Br packet, US pack;
[de azúcar, arroz] bag
3. [maleta, bulto] bag
4. [en rugby] pack
5. [en ciclismo] pack
6. [en motocicleta] passenger;
ir de paquete to ride pillion
7. [conjunto] package
Bolsa paquete de acciones bundle o lot of esp Br shares o esp US stock(s);
paquete de medidas package of measures;
paquete turístico package tour
8. Informát package
paquete integrado integrated package
9. Esp Fam [pañales] Br nappies, US diapers
10. Fam [cosa fastidiosa]
me ha tocado el paquete de hacer… I've been lumbered with doing…
11. Esp Fam [genitales masculinos] packet, bulge;
marcar paquete to draw attention to one's packet o bulge
12. Fam [inútil]
ser un paquete to be useless o hopeless
13. Méx Fam [problema] major hurdle
14. Comp
meter un paquete a alguien [castigar] to come down hard on sb;
Fam Méx
darse paquete to put on airs
* * *
1 package, parcel
2 de cigarrillos packet
3 fam
en moto (pillion) passenger
* * *
paquete nm
bulto: package, parcel
* * *
paquete n
1. (objeto envuelto) parcel
el cartero te ha traído un paquete the postman's brought you a parcel
2. (caja, bolsa) packet
un paquete de galletas a packet of biscuits

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